Print Pay Stubs QuickBooks

QuickBooks is available as the perfect software for financial management and account management for the business organisations. This software is extremely popular all over the world because of its powerful futures and excellent performance for the organisations of small and medium-sized businesses. It provides the complete freedom to track and manage all the business activities like payroll, transactions, receipts, reports, invoices and much more for the accountants. In this software, you will find the option of printing pay stub that is beneficial to track all kinds of information about the salary to pay your employees.

QuickBooks pay stubs feature is also beneficial to handle the physical record of paycheck date and amount. If you also want to create pay stub by using QuickBooks software, you can use the following process for it:

Process to create pay stub using QuickBooks:

  • After completing installation, open QuickBooks in host computer
  • Go to Menu and click Edit
  • Open the Preference window
  • Click Payroll and Employees at left side of window
  • Click company preferences > full payroll check box in section of QuickBooks payroll features
  • Click “pay stub and voucher printing” option in “set preference for” section
  • Select the checkbox is next to the items that are needed to be included in pay stub
  • After selecting items, click ok

Print pay stubs in QuickBooks:

If you want to print pay stubs QuickBooks, you can use the following process for it:

  • Go to navigation bar and select Employees
  • Click the name of employee
  • Click paycheck list
  • Choose the payable checks
  • Enter check numbers
  • Click the batch action and choose print option

If you want to submit the paychecks and follow the process for immediately print pay stubs QuickBooks, you can use the following steps for it:

  • Visit payroll confirmation page
  • Enter first check number in series
  • Click print paychecks
  • Click pay stub PDF and select print

Therefore, it is the complete process that you can follow to print pay stubs QuickBooks. If you are facing any kind of inconvenience our problem to use this feature, you just need to get support services with experts for it. We are available to provide the technical support services to all the users of QuickBooks so you will be able to contact our experts for instant solution of all your queries. For the support services, you can contact us at QuickBooks Helpline Phone Number 1888-396-0208 or you can choose option of email and live chat to contact us.